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One Behind

Designate a leader who faces the group and makes one movement such as tapping the head. The students will have to make the same movement BUT not until she makes her next gesture always being one movement behind. The leader will keep making new movements and the students keep moving one movement behind the leader. Then have everyone try two movements behind.

ABC- 123

Everyone stands and says the alphabet out loud but at the same time will draw numbers with their finger in the air. For example, say “A” and draw “1”, say “B” and draw ”2”.

Walk Around

After the morning assembly, have all classes form one line when filing out of the auditorium and then proceed to walk around the outside of the school before returning to the classrooms.

True or False

Ask the students questions and if the answer is true then have them do 10 toe raises, if it is false, do 10 half squats.

Geography Jaunt

Draw a rough map on the board, with the following components left to right: Lake, Valley, and Mountain. The class needs to get from one side of the map to the other by performing the following activity:
  • Do a swimming motion for 20 seconds (cross the lake)
  • March in place for 30 seconds (cross the valley)
  • Do a climbing motion (arms and legs) for 20 seconds (climb the mountain)
  • Pretend to pull a rope up for 10 seconds (to help your friends up the mountain).

All About You

Have everyone stand next to their desks:
  • Do one push press (raise the roof) for as many years as you’ve been alive.
  • Do one half squat for each letter in your first and last name.
  • Do one calf raise (both feet) for each letter in your favorite food.
  • Pretend to be your favorite animal for 15 seconds (with movement in place).
  • Using your hand, write (or print) your name in the air in giant letters. Now repeat it with your other hand.