How it Works




Step 1: Choose your project.

Projects must improve your school’s health and follow project rules.
Easily start with a project kit or check out all current and previous projects for ideas.

Step 2: Create a fundraising page.

Click on Start a Fundraiser.

Step 3: Share your project!

Our resources in the toolbar to the left make it easy to reach out to
school staff, parents, students, local businesses, and friends.

Step 4: Accept donations!

There is no selling!  People donate directly to your fundraising page.

Step 5: Receive funds.

After the project period, you will receive a check for the money raised
(*minus the 10% processing fee that goes to IT’S TIME TEXAS).

Step 6: Grow your school’s health environment! 

Implement your health-based project with your new funding.

Are you eligible for the H-E-B Bonus Prize drawing?

To be entered into the bonus prize drawing to win an additional $5,000 or $10,000 for your school, the following requirements must be met: 
– You must reach your fundraising goal (minimum $250) 
– Your school must be located within 60 miles of an H-E-B or Central Market store
– You must reach 150 social media shares using the Facebook and Twitter icons on your fundraising page 
– You must complete the following Healthy Activities and add photos of them to your fundraising page (these actions cannot take place in a P.E. class) 
  • 8 classroom energizers 
  • 5 days of healthy announcements through the school’s P.A. system 

This Spring we will be giving out four $5,000 prizes and one $10,000 prize! 


*The 10% processing fee, that goes to IT’S TIME TEXAS covers the PayPal exchange expenses, the fund distribution expenses, and website expenses.  The small amount left over goes into the IT’S TIME TEXAS fund to help support the numerous initiatives, events, programs, and products that drive IT’S TIME TEXAS.