Little Longhorns Active Learning at The University of Texas Elementary School- Year 2

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“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.” Kurt Lewin, father of social psychology and advocate of experiential learning. The University of Texas Elementary School (UTES) has been fostering a healthy and activ

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Bob Caoch K Knipe

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“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.” Kurt Lewin, father of social psychology and advocate of experiential learning. The University of Texas Elementary School (UTES) has been fostering a healthy and active school through its “Healthy Families Initiative (HFI)” for eight years. The University of Texas Elementary School serves 300 students from Pre K – 5th Grade who come from seven traditionally underserved east Austin zip codes. Through the implementation of the Healthy Families Initiative, we have been able to reduce the number of students who are overweight or obese from 62% to 45%. We are excited to continue our initiatives to lower that number to the national average of 33% and even further. UTES is in its second year of implementing Physical Activity during the School Day, which is a component of the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This initiative aims to: •Provide students with the opportunity during the school day to reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity •Reduce the duration of sedentary classroom time to no more than 30 minutes per occurrence •Decrease student disruptions in the learning environment •Increase the number of options students have for body position, movement, and physical activity during instructional periods •Increase students’ ability to recall information thus improving BOY, MOY, and EOY Test Scores •Provide a minimum of two professional development opportunities to the University of Texas Elementary School Staff and Teachers to build their confidence in the implementation of new equipment, policies and philosophies •Provide a pleasurable schooling experience for students. With last year’s funding of approximately $2500, we purchased 22 yoga balls, 50 wobble cushions, 80 chair bands, 1 hokki stool, and 2 desk cycles. This equipment is being implemented in 13 of our 14 classrooms. With this year’s funding, we are hoping to buy more equipment so that more students can engage in an active learning environment. By donating to this project, you will be directly helping to decrease childhood obesity rates and facilitate a positive educational experience for the children at UTES. For More Information Visit……………………………… UT Elementary School’s Healthy Families Initiative and/or visit “Brain Rules’ Rule #1 Exercise

Partial Funding Plan

Each donation will help us reach our goal of providing a piece of equipment for each student at UTES. A wobble stool, which can be purchased with a $100 donation, is the most effective piece of active learning equipment and transforms stationary sitting into an activity. A $30 donation will provide a student with an opportunity to stay active for the entire school day on a physio-ball! A $20 donation will provide a wobble cushion for a student to be actively involved in the classroom. For $15 you can help get a child’s feet moving with a chair band! Each donation, no matter how small, will have a positive impact on a student’s educational experience at UTES. If we do not reach our goal, we will continue to look for opportunities to help fund our active learning initiative in order to keep the students at UTES reaching for a healthier lifestyle. If we go over our Growing Healthy School fundraising goal it will help UTES work towards the larger goal of having all classrooms full of active options for students and teachers. The long term vision is to transform our classrooms, currently portables, into a new wing complete with new classroom spaces. This project hopes to inspire donors, administrators, and the builders to consider building a healthy and active school from the ground up.

Healthy Activities

UT Elementary honored at Texas Action for Healthy Kids
Ms Mangelsdorf’s Homeroom GoNoodle
School Wide Daily Morning Dance Party
American Heart Association – Heart Announcement
Drums Alive – Fitness and Music
Longhorn Baseball Players Visit UT Elementary – Tres Berrara
5th Graders attend City Wide AAPER Volleyball Playday
Move Your Body Announcements
Fuel for Strength Announcements
Serve Your Community Announcements
Commit Your Energy Announcements
Practice Healthy Habits Announcements
Ms. Tharp’s Active Math Lesson using Tic-Tac-Toe
Ms Bain’s Class GoNoodle
“Digging” the Garden
Harvesting the UT Elementary Garden
Learning how to Prepare the Food they Grew
School wide GoNoodle
Ut ELementary Healthy Families Imitative Supporters Play “Biggest Fan”
Students march for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with the greater Austin Community