Emergency Kits for Classrooms

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One of my main focuses include safety!

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District: DALLAS ISD

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One of my main focuses include safety! As the Co-Chairperson of the Safety Committee at Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary, our school needs financial help to ensure that every teacher have an emergency kit in the classroom and/or when we do our evacuation drills on campus. The School Health catalog provides a great LifeSecure 3-Day Emergency Kit ($29.99) that comes with a kit, thermal blanket, poncho, whistle, flashlight, bandaids, drinking water, and other safety items that would be lovely for each teacher to have and keep in the classroom and during our drills. If a real disaster occurred at our school, they would already have these crucial items in their possession. In addition to that, we would be able to use the kits from year-to-year so your money would not be wasted. Please help us to ensure that our students and staff are safe and that we have certain disaster items already in the classrooms that would help if a real emergency/disaster occurred on our campus or if we needed to evacuate from our school campus. Thank you in advance and may God continue to bless the work that you do!

Partial Funding Plan

I will continue to educate students and staff about emergencies, disasters, and how to properly respond to different emergency/disaster scenarios through verbal presentations and mock school drills. I will also continue to apply for grants and fundraising money until I achieve my goal.