Gaga Ball Pit – For the FUN and FIT of the students at Trinity Christian Academy

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We are trying to raise money to build a Gaga Ball Pit. You may be asking – what exactly IS Gaga ball? Ga-ga (literally ‘touch-touch’ in Hebrew) is a variant of dodgeball that is played with one ball.

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We are trying to raise money to build a Gaga Ball Pit. You may be asking – what exactly IS Gaga ball? Ga-ga (literally ‘touch-touch’ in Hebrew) is a variant of dodgeball that is played with one ball. The game combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, with the object of being the last person standing. Players hit the ball at each other with their hands, and are eliminated if the ball strikes them on or below the knee. The game can be played by a group of individual players or with teams, as well as in one-on-one matches. Rules, ball types, pit surfaces, and pit sizes can vary widely at different venues. Other names for this game include Israeli dodgeball, octo-ball and panda ball. Gaga Ball is a game that anyone can play and be included. It’s great fun and can help to increase activity and physical fitness for anyone that plays. We will have volunteers to actually construct the Gaga Ball Pit and it should be able to be completed in one weekend m We will need $350 to purchase the building materials we need to build the Gaga Ball Pit on the campus here at Trinity Christian Academy and hope that you will be able to help. Any donation amount is appreciated.

Partial Funding Plan

If we don’t reach our goal to build a Gaga Ball Pit, we would like to purchase outdoors basketball hoops

Healthy Activities

Check out this Healthy Message we included in our Morning Announcements on October 29th!
WOW! Another Healthy Message was included during our Morning Announcements on November 2nd!
We like to stay healthy and energized at Trinity Christian Academy!
Mia read the Morning Announcements today and included a message from It’s Time Texas from the Fuel For Strength category. Eating healthy food gives you energy and powers your mind. IT’S TIME to eat smarter.
Here is Spanish class here at TCA doing a class warm-up energizer. They are super bananas and blueberry rolls.
The Spanish class as Blueberry Rolls during their morning energizer warm ups.
TCA included another healthy message in their morning announcements today!
Wow! These kids at TCA love to stay energized with healthy activities!
Energizers are FUN for these students at TCA!
We went in to The Home Depot at The Forum to ask about the possibility of getting a reduced price on the lumber to build the Gaga Ball Pit. We told them about the project and they said that they would be able to help. We got confirmation yesterday from the manager at The Home Depot that they WILL indeed be able to help us with our project! THEY HAVE GRACIOUSLY OFFERED TO PROVIDE THE LUMBER AND LABOR TO BUILD THE GAGA BALL PIT!!!! W We will hear back from them on Monday to discuss the specifics on what date they can build it!!!
Since The Home Depot has graciously offered to build our Gaga Ball Pit, we are excited to announce that we will be able to use the funds that were donated to purchase a water hydration station for the campus! Water is an essential element of leading a healthy lifestyle and we are encouraging students and staff to make a healthy choice of water versus a sugary beverage. Thank you all so much for your generous contributions and we are still accepting additional funds on this site if you would still like to donate. All funds raised will be used to improve the healthy choice and the campus in general.
Please continue to share our page on Facebook and Twitter. We at THIS CLOSE to reaching our goals! Let’s not only meet all our goals, but SURPASS THEM!!!!
Wow! Check THIS out! TXA is trending on the GrowingHealthySchools website! Let’s keep it going! Let’s WIN one of the HEB Bonus Prizes!
If TCA meets all the goals, we are entered to win additional bonus funds from HEB! The possibilities of what we could do with this are endless! Just think – we may be able to add fitness equipment to walking trail on the campus! Let the school know if YOU have any ideas of what you would like to see!
Mrs. O’Bryant’s class did some fun Energizers this morning!
Travis James helped out his class with the Energizer this morning! Fun stuff!
Show the TCA Love! Our school may be small, but it it STRONG! Please continue to show your support by sharing this page!
We love to hear Healthy Morning Announcements courtesy of Ms. Nicole in the front office and It’s Time Texas!
Joel got to read this morning’s school announcements which included a healthy message from It’s Time Texas!