Hardy Oak Hornets are “Stepping” Out!!

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The Students of our Hardy Oak Wellness Committee are trying to raise money in order to purchase prize incentives for the many wellness activities we have set up for our students, staff, and parents. Our latest and greatest Wellness activity is our “Ste

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The Students of our Hardy Oak Wellness Committee are trying to raise money in order to purchase prize incentives for the many wellness activities we have set up for our students, staff, and parents. Our latest and greatest Wellness activity is our “Step It Up” challenge! With the money so generously donated through HEB in December, we purchased one Fitbit Flex for each classroom, one for the teachers to share on each grade level, and one for admin, cafeteria, assistants, and custodial staff. It has been great to see the ENTIRE staff working to live a healthy lifestyle together – You will hear students and custodians, teachers, administration, students in line for lunch checking on others and their number of steps so far for the day!! – We have a weekly challenge ( One student from each classroom, one teacher from each grade level etc. ) to see who puts in the most steps! Our Hardy Oak Hornets are quite “abuzz” with getting all their steps in and We are definitely seeing a fun/competitive side to our students in regards to trying to get in more steps than the adults!! ( The adults are up for the challenge too!! ) Each nine week period we continue to have a 21 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. This challenge has participants recording the fruits and vegetables they eat daily, the amount of water they drink, and the amount of sleep and exercise they get each day. With roughly 165 participants, we have participation incentives as well as a prize drawing for the staff, student, and parent that had the most points accrued throughout the 21 days. We also put together a class recess activity basket for the class with the most participation, and a basket for the class with the most parent participation. The Student Wellness Committee has set up challenge sheet – where they can challenge their teachers, friends, and parents to participate for our fourth and last healthy habits challenge of this school year. We hope that as our challenges continue and living a healthier lifestyle becomes more of a focus for students, parents, and staff, our participation in this activity continues to increase each 9 weeks! In addition to the 21 day Healthy Habits challenge, the Wellness Committee has started a “Biggest Loser” competition for interested staff members. In combination with the 21 Day Challenge, and the fitbit challenge, our staff is “shrinking” as they focus on healthier lifestyles! Our wellness committee is currently working on putting together class birthday bags that parents can purchase to celebrate their child’s birthdays, rather than bringing in sweets. Birthday pencils, erasers, and other surprises will hopefully soon be the norm to having donuts and cupcakes! Lastly, we want to focus not only on our physical well being, but also making sure that are hearts and souls are healthy. We have an acknowledgement jar that anyone can fill out a slip to put in and it will be read on the announcements by our principal. All of these ideas come straight from the students of our amazing Student Wellness Committee. Thank you in advance for your donations – We hope to make a difference in the lives of both our youth and adults in seeing the importance of taking care of our bodies.

Partial Funding Plan

If we don’t reach our funding goal… we will of course look for other fundraising opportunities, but will continue to encourage participation in ALL of our wellness activites – without the prize incentives.

Healthy Activities

“It’s Time Texas / Growing Healthy Schools” School Wide Kick Off – Starting the “It’s Time to get Healthy” Chant
“It’s Time Texas / Growing Healthy Schools” School Wide Kick off – Completing the “It’s Time to get Healthy” chant
“It’s Time Texas / Growing Healthy Schools” School Wide Kick Off – HEB Buddy visits our school for our school wide assembly!
“It’s Time Texas / Growing Healthy Schools” School Wide Kick Off – A local Police Officer comes to talk about how important eating healthy and staying fit helps him in his job
“It’s Time Texas / Growing Healthy Schools” School Wide Kick Off – A local Firefighter brings in his healthy smoothie and talks about how eating right and exercising is important to staying healthy and fit.
“It’s Time Texas” School Wide Morning Announcements
“It’s Time Texas – Move Your Body” School wide Morning Announcements
“It’s Time Texas – Serve Your Community” School Wide Morning Announcements
“It’s Time Texas – Commit Your Energy” School Wide Morning Announcements
“It’s Time Texas – Fuel For Strength” School Wide Morning Announcements
“Growing Healthy Schools” and talking about the benefits of being active, on the School Wide Morning Announcements
Our School Principal Signs the “It’s Time Texas – Teach Healthier” Pledge
Our PTA members sign the “It’s Time Texas – Teach Healthier” Pledge
With the Fit Bits we purchased for each classroom, the students really utilize the track during recess to get their steps in!!
The classroom competition has kids walking to and from school with their parents instead of being driven! A parent sent this picture in of her son and daughter walking to school = her son had a “whopping” total of 120,000 steps between Monday through Friday of that week!!
Our Staff and Students compete weekly for the most number of steps. You will see staff and students filling in their daily steps and totaling them for the week!
A sample of our weekly step log
With the help of parent volunteers, our students are growing all kinds of vegetables and learning the health benefits of eating right. Here they are, “watching their gardens grow!” We can’t wait to harvest and enjoy the benefits of good food!
On March 8th, our PTA put on an amazing, “Family Fitness Night!” We had lots of families come to participate in Zumba classes, hip hop classes, massages, enjoy healthy foods, look at exercise clothing, equipment, gym memberships, karate classes, and much more. Thanks to many local vendors and our PTA for putting on this amazing event!
Family Fitness Night
Family Fitness Night – ahhhhhh… we even had wonderful massages!
Family Fitness Night – Local Food Vendors teach us about healthy foods
Family Fitness Night – Healthy Smoothies for everyone!
Family Fitness Night – It was hard to wait in line for rock climbing!!
Family Fitness Night – Climbing to new heights!
Family Fitness Night – We had Zumba and Hip Hop classes, just to mention a few
We use “Go Noodle” throughout the day for brain breaks and to get the kiddos up and moving!
Getting the kids up an moving is a norm in any of our classrooms throughout the day!
Students give both children and adults ideas of how they can add activity to their days on the morning announcements
100 different exercises for the 100th day of school!
Some brain breaks during the day to get in some exercises while getting everyone up and moving and thinking again!!
“Running to our Multiplication Facts”
Getting Up and moving in class is great for transition times between subjects!
These energizers really help to get our kids up and moving and motivated to get back to work!
Who says that you can’t get exercise in during indoor recess on a rainy day!!! Thanks “Go Noodle!!!”
Now this is what we call a real “brain break!!”
A little “movin” and “groovin” after cleaning up at the end of the day!
With the start of our 4th and last “21 Day Healthy Habits Challenge” for this school year, the students are having fun “challenging other students, staff, administration, and parents to participate!! Let the Challenge begin!
Another rainy day – Great time to get some indoor activity going!!
An “up close” picture of our “21 Day Healthy Challenge” challenge sheet! It’s fun to go around the school to see all the challenges that have been made hanging outside the classrooms! Check back with us in “21 Days” to see how we all did!!!
Ahhhhh… Those stretches feel good during the middle of the day!
What a great way to get the morning started!!