Rapoport Rocks Recess

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Goal $825
We need help! Our students at Rapoport Academy North Elementary campus have very little Recess equipment that can be used for healthy, active play time.

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We need help! Our students at Rapoport Academy North Elementary campus have very little Recess equipment that can be used for healthy, active play time. What they do have is broken or worn out such as deflated basketballs that the children are using as bowls for sand or playground mulch and even hats! The jump ropes no longer have handles or have been tied together because they are broken and our hula hoops are bent and no longer work either. We would love to be able to actively participate in gross motor and sport skills development with our children to help promote an active and healthy life style but are unable to do so right now with the lack of equipment to help build these skills. Please help us get healthy and active by getting some good playground/recess equipment. 23% discount through Growing Healthy Schools! Get 75 or more kids Active at one time! Package Includes: • 2 Voit® Soft Touch Tetherballs • 6 Voit® Enduro 8 1/2″ Playground Balls • 1 Dozen 30″ Deluxe Hoops • 12 Cones (12″) • 36 Jump Ropes (12 each 7′, 8′, 9′) • 4 Voit® Tuff Medium Density Specialty Balls • 12 Spots (9″) • 6 Junior Rubber Basketballs • 6 Size 4 Rubber Soccer Balls • 6 Junior Rubber Footballs • 1 Portable Ball Locker

Partial Funding Plan

If we don’t reach our funding goal…we will purchase a smaller bundle or equipment for recess.

Healthy Activities

Children playing with broken equipment! Our Jump ropes are missing pieces.
Balls are flat,they will not hold air!
Drummers from Africa, teach us how to get up and move!
Pre-k Gets a lesson on eating healthy and making better choices with the two bite club.
Pre-k Makes posters for parent/teacher conference to support our fundraiser.
Firefighters visit and teach us how to be safe.
Pre-K garden, we talked about how plants grow and how we grow, then we planted some plants in the school garden.
Kindergartens garden
Chris F. travels all across the world on his bike and speaks to schools about staying fit and drinking water.
More Pre-k taking lessons on how to plant in our garden.
Fun day at school, even the Dean of Academics is involved in our boxcar races.
Students at the North Campus had a special visitor. NED and his friend, Nicole, talked to students about being champions and showed us some super cool yo-yo tricks. NED’s message is to N-never give up, E-encourage others, and D-do your best.
Taking a break from class to doodle outside.
Kindergarten is picking weeds out of their section of the garden.
Coach teaches Kindergarten to exercise with a parachute.
Kindergarten is being creative with a flat ball.
PE hula hoop with 2nd grade
Playing with a Frisbee during recess/ 2nd grade
stack the cups 2nd grade
Jump rope (learning in Kindergarten)
Jumping good in Kindergarten
Learning to jump with three people!
Jump rope for heart!, At Rapoport we teach the students that jumping rope keeps your heart healthy, our students as young as Pre-k get in on learning to jump rope.
Recess is an important time for all students, Our students enjoy racing.
Girls learn as well that staying active is important.
Older classes enjoy a good ole fashion game of freeze tag, to stay active at recess.
As you can see our students don’t have a lot of room to play but they stay active and have fun!
Pre-k shows kindergarten how to do jumping jacks!
Our Students have one basketball that serves as a soccer ball as well. It doesn’t matter to these students they just want to be active.
This playground serves Pre-K through Fourth, and they love climbing, jumping and sliding!
Time to get moving in Kindergarten and Pre-K as they race across the playground.
Yoga to get rid of the wiggles in Mrs. F 2nd grade
Stretching Brain Break in Mrs. P 2nd grade
In our afterschool program 4th grades play 4 square before doing homework.
Pre-K made their own healthy monster snack, while learning to count with one to one correspondence.
Grandparents luncheon, we always invite our families to have lunch with us, Our school provides the best nutritious meals.
Red Ribbon week: Wrapping up Red Ribbon Week with CRAZY HAIR DAY on Friday!!!!
Kick off for Red Ribbon week, to stay drug free.
At our staff meeting our PE teacher introduced fuel up to play 60, Another way we will be getting our students to commit to healthy lifestyles by adding in exercise/walking daily.
Jump rope for heart is a yearly event our students love.
When we have bad weather we have PE in our rooms, since we don’t have a gym! Here is our PRE-K playing musical chairs.