Turner Track

Current $625
Goal $500
Our school and community would benefit tremendously from an outdoor running track.

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Our school and community would benefit tremendously from an outdoor running track. Students could use it during PE everyday, families could use it in the evenings, we could use it for field days, and the monthly Monday Mile Meet could be done outdoors instead of in the gym. The 1/4 mile track will cost $60,000. So far we have raised $15,000. If we reach our goal we could be eligible for another $5,000 HEB bonus grant or possibly a $10,000 HEB bonus grant. Parents, thank you for your support! I really appreciate!

Partial Funding Plan

Any donations we receive will be added to our existing track fund.

Healthy Activities

3rd grade class enjoying a mid day brain energizer in the classroom.
School wide outer Space fruit and veggie challenge winners were announced
Healthy school wide announcement encouraging participation in our pasta for pennies drive. This event helps students with Leukemia.
Our 3rd annual health fair is coming up in March. Morning announcement encouraged students to take flyer home to mom and dad and to save the date for participation.
Monday Mile Meet evening parent/child jog night.
PE activity – volleyball!
Before school open gym for 3rd and 4th graders.
School-wide health theme for February – Halt the Salt!
Morning announcement included information on Leukemia and how we as a school can be a part of the Pasta for pennies program.
PE outside with Frisbees.
3rd grade class participating in a brain energizer activity.
School wide health theme – Take a stand and lend a hand to stop bullying. Students signed a hand to add to this hallway display.
Walk 4 Diabetes event at our school. Students learned about ways they can prevent adult onset of type 2 Diabetes now.
Walk 4 Diabetes event.
PE outside with Pre-K
Eagles and lizards PE activity.
Mighty Miler water bottles awarded for reaching 40 miles in their jogging clubs.
PE fun – Angry Birds game!
Special Education class doing their brain energizer break in the classroom.
Morning announcement: Keep ‘moving” along with a cool drink from cows. You can make milk part of every breakfast. “Cow” about some yogurt? That’s made from milk 🙂
Annual Health Fair
Bulletin board in PE: Healthy Bodies Under Construction.
Bare foot balance activity with Kindergarten in PE
52.4 miles awarded to these students for running this school year
Move More – get active, get outside, and get moving every day!
After school game day!
Monday Mile Meet for parents to join students in the evening to walk/jog together!
After school jogging club – Monday Mile Meet with parents!
Mileage Club medals awarded to 4th grade class!
Morning announcement: are you getting your 10,000 steps in every day?
Balance world with younger grade levels!
Pitch, Hit & Run try-outs in PE!
Frogs & lily pads hand-eye coordination activity with Kindergarten!
Goose-necking skill in PE with Kindergarten!
2nd grade enjoying a brain energizer in the class room!
4th grade brain energizer during report card awards!
3rd grade pacing to get ready for GetFitJog 2016
Wii dance activity in PE
Eat your healthy breakfast every morning – at home or at school!!!
Class room 4th grade brain energizer.
Special Education running for miles. Theses students received their 26.2 mile medals for warm-up jogging in PE all year with 2nd grade.
Before school basketball open gym. Students love coming out before school to get active and ready to face the school day.
Pacing to get ready for the annual GetFitJog race this year.
First Tee Houston Shell Open championship two of our students participated in last weekend.
BOSU ball balance stretching in PE with 2nd grade.
Breakfast on a cart for students every morning for free.
Spelling movement brain energizer!
1st grade getting their brains energized!
Alphabet in motion with Kindergarten