Success Stories


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Spring 2014 $10,000 H-E-B Bonus Health Prize Winners!



Participant Stories

“Couldn’t be any prouder of these kiddos who have trained for months to run the cap 10K! All their hard work paid off! 

… Big shipment of new equipment! Next year we are going to have all the equipment we need and more! Yay for happy & active students!” 

Perez Elementary PE, Austin, TX

“Our Hexter Howl fun run and carnival is next weekend, so that is the first time everyone will be able to use the track purchased through Growing Healthy Schools as a community!”

Kendal Riley , Dallas ISD

“Since we were one of the H-E-B Bonus Prize winners last year, parents have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of my Growing Healthy Schools fundraising request this year. The feedback I have received is that parents like being able to see all the healthy school activities, as well as being able to share the site with friends through the media tools. After the deadline passed, my parents were the ones on pins and needles waiting to hear if we were one of the H-E-B Bonus Prize winners again this year! Of course they were delighted, as was I.”

Jacqueline Caver , P.E. Teacher, Pasadena ISD

“I am proud to say our school is the $10,000 winner of this year’s Growing Healthy Schools H-E-B Bonus Prize. This program is well-designed and user friendly. All of our donors complimented on how easy it was to donate. This fundraiser helped us raise enough money to buy equipment for our recess so that our students can get active and get healthy. Thank you, Rapoport Recess Rocks!”

Barbara Galetka, Pre-K Teacher, Waco, TX

“I would recommend this program to any school that is in need of money to help make their school a healthy one. Colonial Hills reached out to the community via letters, word of mouth, and Facebook to raise the money for our recess equipment and containers. We reached $1,605.00 which far exceeded the $450.00 we were asking for! This program is an easy program to do again and again, I highly recommend it.”


Terri Pitts, Physical Educator, North East ISD

“Growing Healthy Schools was an amazing program for our 2nd−4th grade campus of 568 students. Our 2014 theme, “Healthy hearts + Healthy minds + Healthy choices = Healthy bodies”, allowed us to use both P.E. and academic classes to work as a unit of one with the common goal of enhancing our community’s positive fitness choices. The online pledging was simple, easy to track, and motivating. The ease of communication with Growing Healthy Schools’ staff was an added benefit. Due to our proximity to the coast and a terrific outdoor environment, we chose to have our Growing Healthy Schools project focus on an outdoor unit, including archery, beach-lawn games, water safety, camping, outdoor cooking, and rod and reel casting. Activities were taught with a two day culminating activity for students, staff, and family. The accolades were positively heart touching. Thanks for all of your staff’s professionalism as we look forward to participating this school year.”

Linda Lindsey, P.E. Teacher, Ingleside ISD